Message Notes

Series: Hearing God

Message Title: The Inner Witness

Speaker: Pastor Scott

Date: 7/25/21

Main Message Text: Romans 8:5-6, 14-17

Bottom Line: Instead of trying to hear the whistle, learn to hear the whisper.

Points: Hebrews 1:1-2

10 Voices of the Holy Spirit Within (The Inner Witness)

  1. The Impression
  2. The Prompting - Acts 20:22
  3. The Loud Thought
  4. Provoked by the Spirit
  5. My Conscience
  6. A Check in My Spirit - Acts 16:6-7
  7. A Release in My Spirit
  8. Good Old-fashioned Conviction - Romans 2:4
  9. The Nagging Feeling
  10. The Heaviness in My Heart

How Do I Test/Discern These Voices Inside?

  1. Does it align with the Word of God?
  2. Does it defy my conscience (if it's informed properly)?
  3. Does it betray my internal moral warehouse?
  4. Does it lead me into closer relationship with Jesus, or further away?
  5. Will it harm someone else, directly or indirectly?
  6. Do I feel peace in my spirit?
  7. Do I feel peace about this even though it doesn't make sense in the natural?
  8. Do I feel peace when it's not something I would normally do?
  9. Do I know that I know that I know?